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Life Stuff: Sasha Moves to Boston

Life Stuff: Sasha Moves to Boston

I figured that I should post some life stuff since a lot is happening.

I took Sasha to the airport last night to fly off to Boston to attend Law School at Northeastern University. Actually she flew into Hartford to stay in Northampton with her parents until next Wednesday. I’m lucky to have a flexible enough schedule that I am going to be able to fly out after her. I’m flying into Boston on a red eye over Tuesday night, and she’ll pick me up on her way from Northampton and we’ll go to the apartment together. The nice thing about that is that we can kind of come into the new apartment together and I can be a part of her Boston life from the beginning even if I’m flying back to Seattle after a few days.

I’m also excited to see the apartment. When we rented it, the former tenants were still living there, and they had been there for several years, so the apartment was due for some remodeling. So supposedly the floors, walls, and kitchen should be all redone. We’ll have to post pictures as we are getting things set up.

The picture I posted is of the main living room windows. The apartment sits in the back of a nice, quiet courtyard, and is pretty well lined with windows. Nicest perhaps is that the living room juts out into a big bay window (shown here). It is a bit far away (all the way down the Green C line) and is a bit small, but it was by far the most livable apartment for the money that we saw. Also nice is that it seems to be very professionally managed and doesn’t make the assumption that so many (read here, all) of the other affordable apartments we saw made that we are students can be safely treated like we don’t know our rights as tenants, or can’t be trusted. Interesting aside here. In a town like Boston where there are so many undergraduates, the term “student” gets really funny when applied to housing. You would think that a 26 year old, engaged, law student, would come with a different set of assumptions, than a 19 year old frat boy, but sometimes the word “student” just gets in the way. Another interesting exercise: substitute for “student” the word “black,” “hispanic,” “gay,” etc. and see if the treatment that you can often find seems at all legally or morally ok.

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On August 17, 2006 2:44 PM,

Comment by mjboyle:

I should clarify that in general the treatment we got from relaters was decent (if occasionally incompetent), but there was definitely some weirdness, including one incident where a land lord refused to rent to us because Sasha was a "student."

Michael, email Sasha's new address. lindley

On August 18, 2006 8:03 AM,

Comment by the Woozle:

Congratulations on this next step. Hope the airport trip was not too bad. Hope the move-in goes very smoothly and is more fun than stress. Hope the apt looks great on the inside. I look forward to some pictures.

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