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Morning, grumbly nitpicks

Morning, grumbly nitpicks

Ok, it’s a little thing, but come on. When you are walking down the middle of an empty sidewalk and you encounter a small group of people coming your way, you politely move to the right to give them room to pass to your left. It’s just considerate. And when the guy at the front of the group who has plenty of room to his right, comes up to you, he should move slightly to his right so that you can pass.

What he should not do is walk blithely on ahead, forcing you to move even further on to the curb because he is too self absorbed to move six inches to his right into the empty sidewalk.

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On August 10, 2006 10:46 AM,

Comment by Sasha:

I kind of think that's a Seattle thing. Maybe not, but it seems linked to people here thinking they're really polite but occasionally, out of sheer cluelessness, being way more rude than in some places where people are renowned for rudeness.

On August 10, 2006 11:48 AM,

Comment by mjboyle:

Yeah, I don't think you'd see that happening in New York City... Or at least, if you did, it would be a legitimately and openly rude event. A choice to act like you are the most important person in the world that you'd admit to if confronted about it. Here's it's more of a subconscious failure to even think about it, and that's what bothers me. I mean, if you're going to be a dick, at least make a decision to be a dick.

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