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Verizon is evil

Verizon is evil

So I’ve finally got internet access for more than 30 seconds at a time. Unfortunately that is because we finally broke down and went to the nearest Starbucks to buy a T-mobil day pass. Verizon, who we called 12 days ago, still hasn’t sent us the equipment to connect to the internet. They had told us that the equipment would be shipped out USPS within 24 hours of the phones being turned on (that happened before we got to the apartment on the 23rd) and would get here one day after shipping. Finally Sasha called them yesterday and they said that they still hadn’t sent things out and that the account was in a “pre-approval” state. Riiiiight.

So we’re dumping Verizon in favor of the new combined service from Comcast. Yes, I know that’s trading one evil monopoly for another, but at least it is trading to one that has never given me problems with providing the services I’ve payed for, just charged me an arm and a leg for them. And actually when you combine all the services together the prices are competitive. It’s too bad. I’d kind of been excited about Verizon’s service. Mostly that was because it is a) cheaper, and b) they will eventually have their fiber service which promises to be very, very cool. But that’s in the future. And so far their current service is in the future, too, since they seem to be utterly unable to get it hooked up. Comcast will be out on Tuesday.

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