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From underdog to big dog papi

From Sasha Kopf:

From underdog to big dog papi

One thing that’s fun about riding the T in Boston right now is that a lot of the trains have ads for Glacieau Vitamin Water featuring David Ortiz, the Red Sox first baseman/designated hitter also known as Big Papi. Some of the ads proclaim of Vitamin Water, “It works. For David Ortiz.” And who can argue against evidence like that? Other ads ask “Who’s your papi?” and some of them say “From underdog to big dog papi.” This makes me extremely happy because it reminds me of my little cousin Jack, who is four. Last time I visited him, I started calling him Little Papi, to which he would respond with his voice cracking, “He-ey! Why you call me Papi?!?” He and his sister Lydia thought this routine was all kinds of hilarious, and while sitting at the dinner table, Lydia would whisper to Jack that he was Little Papi, and then Jack would whirl around to me and cackle, “YoucallmePapi!” So it makes me happy to see Big Papi on the T. This does not, however, change the fact that we must abolish the DH.

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