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Microsoft Internet Explorer hates Tapirtype Blog

Microsoft Internet Explorer hates Tapirtype Blog

I don’t own a Windows machine or have access to one on a daily basis, so I took an opportunity to check out the blog from Microsoft Internet Explorer, and man, does it not render right! Of course, it also choked on the New York Times website, so we’re not alone. Unfortunately I forgot to check what the version was (it isn’t by any means guaranteed that the computer I was using was up to date), but it was under XP. Most of the main site was at least readable, but it couldn’t handle the photo galleries at all. It didn’t seem to get css widths right and it didn’t even seem to be trying to display the pngs.

Anyway, I can’t really bring myself to care. I develop this site on a mac and use Safari as my main browser, resorting to Firefox on the rare occasions that Safari can’t handle. So I check the site in Firefox before I make anything really new and as long as it works there I’m happy. That said, if you are wondering why this site looks so broken, please do yourself a favor and use something other than Internet Explorer.

Update: Well, it looks like MSIE is back to being able to render the NYT website ok. Must have been a one day thing. The bottom line still applies, though, that imperfect as this site is, I’m going to use standards compliance and how it renders in Safari and Firefox as my target and not worry about whether that breaks things for MSIE (which I can’t check easily anyway).

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