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God bless Christopher Columbus, Netflix, and the legions of postal workers who deliver our mail!

God bless Christopher Columbus, Netflix, and the legions of postal workers who deliver our mail!

Since reading, this morning, the dreadful words “For Wed: Alias: Season 1: Disc 6” in the subject line of the friendly email Netflix sent me on Monday—and simultaneously realizing why it was that I didn’t get any mail yesterday—I had been planning on writing a very snarky little post today when I got home. It was going to be filled with bile. Don’t they understand that my sanity rests on seeing the last three episodes of the first season of Alias as soon as humanly possible? Don’t they get how cruel it is to marathon the first season of a show that you’d always heard was good, realize that it really is good, and have to stop before the last disc? To wait patiently all weekend, knowing that the disc would arrive on Tuesday. To then watch everything you had stored up on the TiVo while you were busy being caught up in the marathon. Only then to realize that some half forgotten pseudo-holiday shut down the post office making you wait one whole extra day?

Well, apparently they did realize because when I got home tonight, I found nestled (Ok, shoved in sideways, crushed and bent) in my mailbox a nice little red envelope from Netflix with my next fix waiting inside. So Christopher Columbus, you get a reprieve. Your holiday is a very fine day, and while I didn’t get the day off, I’m very happy for any postal workers who did. And for those of you who may not have gotten the day off, just so I could get my mail on time, your sacrifice is appreciated.

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