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Fall at Tops

I’ve just signed up to start using Flickr. I’m not sure what mix of photos I’ll post to there versus to here. I figure that Flickr can be more of my unorganized organized (I mean they do make it so easy) photo pile: lots of pictures that I just thought were pretty. As opposed to ones that I specifically wanted to single out, format, and comment on. Anyway, I’ll see how it goes with time.

For the moment I’m posting different photos there than here, mainly because I’ve got the bandwidth limit of a free account. If I decide to get a pro account I might try to just post everything to there and make what is here a selected subset.

I’m certainly enjoying the Flickr experience so far (although I do find myself cringing a little every time I type the “kr” for some reason that just works against muscle memory). It’s very easy to post to there especially using the Aperture Flickr upload plugin which works like a charm. My only complaint with that is that I have many hierarchical tags in Aperture which I depend on for searching so that if, for instance, I search for “Plants” that will get me everything that I’ve tagged with “Gardens” as well as “Trees” and “Flowers.” That greatly reduces the amount of keywording that I have to do. But Flickr doesn’t support hierarchical tags and the exporter just exports the bottom level tag instead of the whole tree. Still, that’s just a nitpick. I’m very happy so far.

Oh, and by the way, the photograph is one I took yesterday of the trees behind the Tops school in Eastlake. We do get some fall foliage here.


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