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Ooooh, pretty new building!

Ooooh, pretty new building!

Unfinished cafeteria in new building
Unfinished cafe, March 2006

I just went over and got lunch from the cafe in our new building. This is the building that we were supposed to move into last April, and are finally going to be moving into early November.

There’s been so much trepidation and anticipation about moving that I’ve been left with largely mixed feelings, but I think I’m sold. It’s sooo pretty over there. The food at the cafe was very nice. They’ve got these pesto, swiss, tomato sandwiches (with or without ham) that they toast for you. And the espresso machine they have looks to be one of those very highly automatic ones that means that there isn’t that much that the barista can do to screw up your coffee—at least if you get an americano.

The lighting is so pretty in there. Things are relatively dim, but there are so many windows and little lights that everything gets perfused with a kind of glow. It’s a nice change from the J wing over here in Health Sciences where the windows, if you are so lucky to have one, usually face another wall, and they’ve disabled every other fluorescent light in the halls. That last, in a city where pretty much everyone starts being affected by seasonal affect disorder at some point during the winter, is the most frustrating. I mean, I’m all for saving energy, but I’m also all for having not crushingly depressed employees.

Oooh, and my card works now to get in to the upstairs of the new building! It’s all very exciting. I can’t wait until we’re all moved.


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