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So cold... So, so cold...

So cold… So, so cold…

Ways that I know that it is far colder and drier than any self respecting Seattle weather pattern should aspire to be:

  1. It hasn’t broken freezing in the shade two days running.
  2. My electric heat is working full time to keep the temperature five degrees below the set temperature.
  3. I’ve turned on the heat in the bedroom for the first time in two years.
  4. I’m wearing my fleece and my east coast blizzard worthy parka.

    And most of all:

  5. For two days running when I’ve swung my messenger-bag around to the front to sit down on the bus, the static electricity generated by it as it rubs along my coat has bee sufficient to generate audible crackling in my iPod earbuds.

It’s not that I’ve gone soft… It’s just… disorienting!

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On December 1, 2006 5:57 AM,

Comment by Woozle:

Today is the 1st of December and we are supposed to hit 70 degrees here. It was already in the 60's when I woke up at 5am. We have flowers blooming around school. Tomorrow is Londonderry's Winter Festival. Definitly wierd.

Sasha's always wearing short sleeves when I see her on iChat. Mostly that's because the building at school is really hot, but it's always a bit disconcerting. I don't think she's turned on her heat yet, but again she may be getting a lot of heat from her neighbors.

It's warmed up a bunch now and returned to a pretty standard Seattle grey, in any case.

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