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What Real Men Drink

From Sasha Kopf:

What Real Men Drink

So, I was getting a mocha at Athan’s this morning, and a guy from the hardware store across the street came in. He was watching the barrista make the mocha.

Guy: So what is that, some kind of chocolate espresso?

Barrista: It’s a mocha!

Guy: Hmmm!

Barrista: It’s milk and coffee and chocolate syrup.

Guy: You can’t go wrong with chocolate syrup, I guess.

Barrista: You know what Andrew gets? One of these but with strawberry syrup.

Guy: I should really fire him.

Barrista: Yeah. But you know what? My boyfriend gets the same thing. But he thinks it sounds too girly, so he doesn’t call it a strawberry latte… He calls it a “Super Coffee.”

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I'm not sure that strawberry is girly... But I still can't see strawberry flavored coffee. Just a touch of raspberry, maybe, but strawberry? I can't get behind it.

I will, however, start calling any kind of flavored coffee I drink a "Manly Super Coffee."

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