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Comments under FastCGI

Comments under FastCGI

I think I’ve fixed comments under FastCGI. I added one line from the Bootstrap module to the dispatch.fcgi that wasn’t in Brad Choate’s original instructions and that seems to have done it. I’ll update with better instructions soon.

Update put up some more details at the top of the old instructions. I promise I’ll get around to putting up comprehensive updated instructions one of these days.

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On January 18, 2007 6:42 PM,

Comment by billg:

I delayed installing a new site on TxD when I heard 3.34 was going to be more or less FastCGI aware. I've just put up the new site with 3.34 under lighttpd using your much-appreciated instructions. Just one test post and one test comment, but it works.

I'm curious if SixApart saw your problems with comments on Apache during testing. You'd think not, otherwise they would not have released the FastCGI capability.

Well, I think that the problems with comments have to do with the LightTPD setup which kind of bypasses the MT::Bootstrap mechanism that they've improved. I'm slowly trying to understand the code and see if I can take direct advantage of it. What I've done so far is look at how Bootstrap.pm starts processes and try to do the same thing in the dispatch.fcgi script. Six Apart figures that you are probably using Apache which I tried, but I got even more errors. I think it all depends on the system you are running on.

Aside from the out of memory problem that you emailed me about, I've not had problems since I updated the dispatch.fcgi code to more closely match the code in Bootstrap.

I'm not sure what the out of memory problems are being caused by. Thanks for the heads up. I think that what's happening is that the dispatch.fcgi script slowly grows in its memory and hits a limit periodically. The memory usage goes back down again, but that doesn't help you in the moment. However this comment did get posted... I'm not sure if that's because you came back and did it again or if it posted and then hit the error. Sigh... At least we're getting closer.

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