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Distilled Water: The best streak remover in the business

Distilled Water: The best streak remover in the business

My screen got pretty dirty yesterday and it was bothering me so I grabbed a couple of those iKlear polish wipes and went to work. I’ve normally had pretty good success with them, but after a few minutes of wiping away the situation was worse than before with large splotches all over from drying unevenly. I tried again, being very careful. Same deal. So fine, I think, I’ll risk using the fancy lens cleaner we’ve got. If it’s safe enough for expensive coated optics, it’s probably safe enough for my screen. Same problem.

Finally it occurs to me: You know what they usually tell you to use in the instructions? Distilled water. I work in a lab. There’s distilled water and kimwipes all over the place. Instant streak and blotch free screen.

Now I’m not saying that this would have cleaned it best from the beginning. After all I’d wiped it off like five times with other cleansers, so there was plenty of opportunity for them to do the real work of dissolving grease. But it does go to show you that just because someone makes a fancy specialized product for a task doesn’t necessarily mean it’ll do any better than the most commonly available tools.

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