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Typography, etc.

Typography, etc.

I just discovered something odd… MT used to use SmartyPants to translate typography elements (such as quotes and em dashes) when using Textile 2 text formatting (as well, of course, as when using Markdown).

For a moment I thought it had stopped when I saw –– in one of my old entries instead of the — that they should have been translated into. But it’s stranger. Turns out all my static pages, get the Textile right, but don’t use SmartyPants (or any other html entities translator). However, my dynamic pages get it right.

Ummm… Hopefully someone will get on that real soon now, so as to not force me to learn about Movable Type text formatters and take matters into my own hands.

Also, MT seems to think I’m in Mountain time in spite of my best efforts to convince it that I’m in Pacific. Or maybe it stopped respecting daylight savings… Interestingly this only applies to the date applied to entries. The “Last auto-save” message tells me the correct time. shrug

Update (typography fixed): I fixed the typography problem by manually turning SmartyPants on in all of my static templates, adding smarty_pants="1" to the tags that write out content that might have typography elements in them (MTEntryTitle, MTEntryBody, and MTEntryMore). This should have the side benefit of ensuring that all entries get the best possible typography translation no matter the text formatter used. Also of note is that SmartyPants is smart enough to not process within html comments or php code blocks so it won’t break javascript or php code in entries which is important for my galleries.

Still no idea what the time shifted-by-one-hour time-stamp thing is all about, though.

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