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I was hoping to get an excuse to upgrade my 20GB 2G iPod today. At first my heart sunk when I saw the iPod Classic announcement, thinking they had decided not to release the expected touch screen iPod. Then I hit reload, and it was there… Except it kind of wasn’t. The iPod Touch has everything I could possibly want in an iPod, except it only has up to 16GB of storage. That’s less than my 5 year old iPod which cannot, as of earlier this year, hold my entire music library—the main reason I’m looking for an upgrade. I just can’t see a downgrade in storage. Sure, I don’t need to take all of my music everywhere, but once I cross that bridge, I suddenly have to start making decisions about which music I am going to take. And now instead of just plugging it in and it’s done, I have to think about it. I have to make decisions, and I have to keep things organized. And that’s just less fun than the original wonder I had in being able to carry all my music with me anywhere without thinking about it.

I don’t know. Maybe my experiments with downsizing my library to fit on my current iPod will convince me that 16GB is enough. Or maybe in 6 months there will be a 32 or 64GB version, or eventually I might get an iPhone and a touch screen iPod will seem less exciting, leading me to an eventual iPod Classic upgrade. But in any case, I won’t be throwing any money Apple’s way just right now, and I was kind of hoping to be pushed over the edge into doing that today.

Update: Seems about the least I can get my catalogue down to without having to make any really difficult choices is 15GB, which probably wouldn’t fit onto a 16GB iPod Touch given the formatting and OS overhead. My next iPod must have at least 30GB.

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