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Thanks to Textdrive, I’ve now got my Movable Type application running under fastcgi using lighttpd. All the normal serving of the pages generated by Movable Type is still going through Apache. More about what I had to do to get it to work shortly…

Update: I’m just testing out a new feature… Nothing to see here… Move along… Did it work now…?

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Well, I can't really know if it's working until I make a comment, so here goes!

Gotta test more comments (trying to get Akismet working)

Looking forward to seeing how you did it. I'm on TxD and also looking for a place to run an MT site on FastCGI.

Well, I'm working on a post detailing how I did it right now. The short version is that I made some very simple modifications of the Textdrive Rails Tutorial so as to follow Brad Choate's instructions. There were a couple of catches along the way, mainly that I couldn't get it to work unless I moved my mt directory into my web/public directory (rather than the cgi-bin) and because of the proxying, now I'm seeing all comments and trackbacks as originating at localhost which kind of screws up some of the spam lookup features. I was planning on posting to the forums to see if anyone knew of a way around that, but it hasn't been a problem for me so far.

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