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The sad story of lattes and lids

The sad story of lattes and lids

One unfortunate thing about Seattle coffee culture—at least the part that I’m most tied into—is that for the most part it isn’t about people sitting around in coffee shops, it’s about people running from place to place and grabbing coffee on the way. And that means that whether it’s a disposable cup or your own 99% of the time you drink your latte through a lid. But the good thing about a latte is that it comes with a head of foam so fine that it doesn’t come off so much as foam but thickened essence of coffee. Then you slap a lid on it and the tiny bubbles start colliding and merging and by the time it gets to your lips it’s either thick foam or coffee, the equilibrium destroyed. I can’t say how many times I’ve been presented with a beautiful latte, leaf design and all, only to have a lid slapped right on top of it.

Today I got a latte on my way to work and grabbed three quick sips, thinking about how I should really buck the convention and go un-lidded. But my desire to avoid a wet sticky wrist won out and by the fourth sip I was back to the land of the lidded.

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