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Holy windstorm batman!

Holy windstorm batman!

Wow! We had a serious windstorm here in Seattle last night. I’ve never felt anything quite like it. The closest thing was the windstorm they had in Chicago when I visited there four years ago. My apartment building was shaking in the gusts and I watched, more than a little horrified, as my big window in the living room bowed in and out.

I was lucky, though. I only lost power very briefly and nothing was damaged. Or at least nothing of mine was damaged. There are shingles strewn about outside the building, so I can’t vouch for the roof. Many of my coworkers were still without power this morning.

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This is so overwhelming... I guess the recent Seattle weather put the "natural" in metronatural. Here's a little comic relief?

See the interview with the guy who thought that new Seattle tagline up: http://peoplegeek.wordpress.com/2006/12/16/seattle-straight-but-very-gay-acting-2/


Hope you survived the wind ok!

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