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Record Time

Record Time

Mallory’s (my MacBook Pro’s) processor fan died recently so I had to take her in again, and I’ve got to hand it to Apple. I brought her in at 5:00 and she was all fixed by 8:30. What’s more they fixed her for free even though I’m a few days out of warrantee (in part or whole because I had brought her in just recently I think). Given all the problems that I’ve had with her (and she really is a wonderful machine even still) it’s so nice that I’ve had a positive experience every time I’ve had to bring her in for service. They’ve really got the whole “Genius Bar” thing down.

They treat me like I know what I’m doing. They’re up front about what they do and don’t know, and they do their best to look into everything that I bring up and fix as much as they can as quickly as they can.

Very pleasing.

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