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April 5, 2007

For the last time people:


It's pretty simple people. If you download new DRM free EMI music from iTunes, you must have iTunes. iTunes can read and transcode AAC files, and without the DRM, there's nothing preventing you from converting them into anything you want, sending them off to whatever player or computer you want. There is no way that you could (legally) come into contact with an AAC file from iTunes and not have the ability to transform it to work with whatever player you want.

And for all you people who refuse to give Apple any credit because they are in the business of making money from selling music and have had their hands tainted by the evil DRM: Get over yourselves! If you can't recognize and support a step in the right direction when it's foot comes directly down on the spot where you have your head in the sand, then you deserve to loose the war. I swear, you must be the same people who refuse to vote for democrats because they aren't progressive enough and then complain when Bush wins an election. Go ahead, and go off to your corner to throw your tantrum while the rest of us try to make the world a better place one baby step at a time.


April 6, 2007

This explains my childhood

xkcd from 4/6/2007

April 7, 2007

From Sasha Kopf:

I can't think of a better way to celebrate


April 16, 2007

From Sasha Kopf:

Baby Tapir Extravaganza!

The great thing about spring is that there are tons of baby tapirs on the loose! Probably not on the loose, actually - just at zoos. The one below is Vasan, who was born at the Edinburgh Zoo last month.


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From Sasha Kopf:

It's what we all need


April 20, 2007

From Sasha Kopf:

Gonzales v. Carhart

I've had a marathon week of reading Supreme Court cases about reproductive rights - which really doesn't differ that much from my normal repertoire of reading, except that this time it was for class so I was taking lots of notes. My assignments included Griswold v. Connecticut, Roe v. Wade, and Planned Parenthood v. Casey.

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April 26, 2007

From Sasha Kopf:



April 27, 2007

From Sasha Kopf:

It's someone's birthday...


April 28, 2007

Record Time

Mallory's (my MacBook Pro's) processor fan died recently so I had to take her in again, and I've got to hand it to Apple. I brought her in at 5:00 and she was all fixed by 8:30. What's more they fixed her for free even though I'm a few days out of warrantee (in part or whole because I had brought her in just recently I think). Given all the problems that I've had with her (and she really is a wonderful machine even still) it's so nice that I've had a positive experience every time I've had to bring her in for service. They've really got the whole "Genius Bar" thing down.

They treat me like I know what I'm doing. They're up front about what they do and don't know, and they do their best to look into everything that I bring up and fix as much as they can as quickly as they can.

Very pleasing.

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