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September 15, 2007

From Sasha Kopf:

T is for turkey. No, really, turkeys like the T in Boston.

This morning, as I was waiting for the T, I saw a turkey. It was scrounging around the plants in the islands that run down the center of Beacon Street, right next to the trolley stop like it was waiting for a train to arrive.


At first, I thought I was hallucinating, but it was right there, about three feet away from me.

A Russian guy started throwing it bread crumbs. I asked, "Is that your turkey?" He said, "No, it is just hun-ga-ry!" I really, really wanted to reply, "No, it's not Hungary, it's Turkey!"

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December 30, 2006

Capers at Revere Beach

Sasha at Revere BeachSasha at Revere BeachSasha takes pictures of the ocean

Sasha and I went to the beach today! We spent the morning wandering around Cambridge and wanted to wander around another neighborhood afterward, so she got the brilliant idea that we should take the blue line out to Revere Beach. It was very cool, both literally because it had just snowed--finally, it's been an unusually warm December--and because it was so pretty. Also, Sasha was adorable running around on the sand and snow.

I also put up a couple of movies of Sasha capering at the beach here and here. We also met a dog named Gohan.

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October 29, 2006

Faith's Pumpkin Carving Party

die, pumpkin, die pumpkin guts! bucket o' pumpkin guts

Faith was kind enough to invite me over for a pumpkin carving party this year. Which was really nice because without having an excuse to do something like that I tend to just forget that it's a holiday at all. And even for a silly little holiday like halloween, it's nice to mark it in some way.

Faith particularly likes Fall, and I agree. Even with the encroaching darkness and the back to school feeling, there's something nice about the crisp newly cool air and the harvest imagery.

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August 7, 2006

From Sasha Kopf:

Sasha adds to Michael's Saturday morning photoessay

Michael at Cafe Allegro

Photo by Sasha Kopf

Reflection in the Allegro mirror

Photo by Michael Boyle

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August 5, 2006

Saturday Morning at Allegro and the Farmer's Market

Cafe Allegro

Photo by: Michael Boyle

Seattle Farmer's Market Sign on The Ave

Photo by: Michael Boyle

Sasha and I have made a tradition of going of getting up late on Saturday morning and going to the University District for brunch at Cafe Allegro after which we walk up to the Farmer's Market to stock up on fruit and other goodies.

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