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From Sasha Kopf:


I was knitting on the T this afternoon, and two big jock frat boys got on and sat across the aisle from me. They saw me knitting.

Jock Frat Boy 1 to Jock Frat Boy 2: I should learn how to knit. Can’t you see me knitting? A big guy like me?

Me: My boyfriend knits. He’s a big guy, but I taught him how, and he’s pretty good at it!

Jock Frat Boy 1: Really? That’s cool!

Jock Frat Boy 2: Does he need, like, special needles?

Me: No, just regular needles.


Jock Frat Boy 1 to Jock Frat Boy 2: If I knew how to knit, I would knit you a sweater.

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Hey, why don't I have special needles? I think I should get special needles! That might be cool. I like the idea of a special line of manly knitting needles.

Maybe they'd be super knitting needles...

You could knit with rifles. That would be pretty manly! Or grenade launchers. Or swords! None of these wussy, girly, non-deadly needles for you!

If you were a pirate, you could knit with peg legs.

I think that as a pirate I would knit with the peg legs of my defeated foes.

Also in spite of the fact that I'm totally not into sports, I like the idea of sports themed knitting needles. They'd have team logos and maybe helmets at the tops and they could give them out at sports arenas with your giant cup of beer so you could knit through the boring parts.

I'm going to learn how to knit beer helmets. I'll make one for you. Then maybe I can learn to knit small glasses, so that you and Cliff can drink manly drinks out of them.

By the way, when you wrote "I would knit with the peg legs of my defeated foes," I thought it said "defeated TOES."

Well, I suppose that whenever you are dealing with a peg leg you kind of have to be dealing with defeated toes.

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